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classical&Classic base hydraulic products
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Application&Press application display

Strengthen the floor press

1400T-2800T fast veneer pressing machine is mainly used in the high-end laminate flooring melamine paper veneer;

1400T-1800T is mainly suitable for pressing smooth surface, such as bright surface, matte surface and linen,

2000T-2800T Mainly suitable for V-groove, hand-grasping lines and other surface texture vivid high-grade composite floor.



Molded door press

Door press for melamine door, natural veneer of the molded veneer forming, press the use of

Spring-type synchronous closing mechanism, according to the production process in any position to stop (ie, limit control)

And the residence time adjustable, reducing the lowest layer and the highest pressure time difference, a better guarantee products

the quality of. Its pressure time and pressure can be set automatically after the control, pressure paste can be used one

Times pressure forming, the latter effect to be a little better.

Wood tray press production line

The molding machine is mainly used for plastic pressure filter plate and molded wood pallet on press molding filter press.

Octahedral slider-oriented institutions, and greatly improve the flatness of the table, with the traditional four-column press phase

Compared with a low cost, simple operation and easy maintenance and so on. Belong to a single press, generally with a mold

With the table can be made with or without heating. Its frame structure, good rigidity, high strength, the home-style oil

Cylinder and fuel tank, to achieve rapid decline, rational layout, the use of safe and reliable.


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Wuxi ShiBang Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is located in the scenery beauty shore of the Taihu Lake, south depending on the Lingshan big buddha,west side nearby the tin suitable road,to the Shanghai-Nanjing highway exit 2 kilometers, the transportation facilitates.

The company produces the hydraulic ram, the air cylinder, the product cover metallurgy, the mine, lift heavy objects, professions and so on transportation, ships, forging and stamping, casting, engine bed, coal petroleum, chemical industry, scientific research, war industry, from CD/CG250, 350 heavy load cylinder. JB/ZQ4395-86 heavy metallurgy cylinder, DG vehicles cylinder. HSG series project cylinder, wood industry press plunger cylinder, light tension bar cylinder and hydraulic system, but also the necessary each kind of high accuracy oil, the air cylinder steel pipe,the connecting rod and so on, and continues each kind of non-sign cylinder,the air cylinder...

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